Student Life at Prescott College

Students who come to Prescott College are vital, engaged people who want to make a difference. They take an active role in their college experience, rather than just letting it happen. Most share a love and respect for the outdoors and a deep concern about social justice and for the jeopardized environment. They have inquiring intellects, uncompromising ideals, and soaring spirits.

Over the decades, through active involvement, Prescott College students have impacted and shaped the College and helped make it what it is today. Opportunities for involvement abound—an extracurricular version of the College's experiential education model.

Check out the resources and activities available for Prescott College students:

What's Your Story?

Any great college story has a few chapters devoted simply to living on campus: 'talent shows' by the fire, weekend trips, memorable meals in the Crossroads Café, making life-long friends. If you don't live on campus at least part of your college days, you're missing out. And far from your typical residence halls, at Prescott College our students live in Townhouse style digs that were designed and built to be eco-friendly. How cool is that?

It is quite common for the terms "dorm" and "residence hall" to be used interchangeably. However, there is a specific, key difference between them. A dorm is a shortened version of the word dormitory. Dorm is originated from the Latin word dormï (re) which means to sleep and -tory which, in this case, means place. Here at Prescott College, we want residents to have more than just a place to sleep. We want to advance their student careers and enhance their personal growth. With these additional goals in mind, our Housing Office has expanded its mission to include "Residence Life". Taking advantage of our trained residence staff and professional associations, The Office of Residence Life & Housing has created environments which we proudly call Residence Halls.

Living on campus allows students to grow academically, meet new friends, and take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of their college experience. Individuals who live in the Prescott College residence halls have higher GPAs than off campus students, enjoy many conveniences, and become active in the positive development of their community.

All student rooms are furnished with a bed frame and mattress, dresser, desk, chair, window coverings, recycling bins, and wastebaskets. 

The College is not responsible for any personal belongings if lost, stolen or damaged in any way, or for damage to the facilities or furnishing provided by the College due to negligence by a student and/or their guests. The Office of Residence Life & Housing recommends that students seek renters insurance while living in university-managed housing. This may be done by contacting parents/guardians homeowners insurance or obtaining an additional policy.

Students seeking off-campus housing can visit the Prescott College  Off-Campus Housing Postings on Facebook for recent housing and room/housemate postings.

Health and Wellness

Student Health Insurance Waiver & Enrollment Process

Prescott College requires that all On-Campus Undergraduate students have health insurance coverage. Every student will be enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan available through Prescott College unless they waive out of the plan by providing proof of comparable insurance coverage by the waiver deadline. Please read the following information regarding the waiver and enrollment processes:

If you have health insurance (other than the insurance offered through Prescott College): Waiver Process

You must complete the Health and Wellness Student Insurance Online Waiver. If you do not complete the online waiver process by the designated date, you will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan and your student account will be charged. Students only waive out once per academic year, but if a student misses the waiver deadline, they will be held responsible for the charges of both terms.

If you do not have health insurance: Enrollment Process 

If you do not complete the online waiver or enrollment process by the closing dates below, you will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan and your student account will be charged. Insurance ID cards will be mailed in September to the address you have on file with the school. A temporary card can be issued upon request after the waiver deadline has passed.

For questions about coverage and claims please call Aetna at (866) 378-8885. For questions during the waiver process, please call USI at ​(800) 853-5899.

Counseling Services

Individual counseling sessions with Tony Himes are available for students. Contact Tony at 928.848.1111 or by to set up an in-person appointment or to talk on the phone. Evening and weekend hours are available. 

Prescott College has partnered with Uwill, the leading mental health and wellness solution for colleges and students, to provide additional access to mental health counseling for our students. Uwill offers immediate access to licensed counselors by video, phone, chat or message. To schedule a counseling session or to learn more, visit our website.

Education and Career Services

Disability Services & Accommodations

The College offers services for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are offered based on the nature of the disability and the academic environment. Accommodations are arranged with the ADA Coordinator. Accommodations are not retroactive, so they are usually setup at the beginning of each term. Below is a partial list of common academic accommodations and ADA-related learning disability support services requested by students at Prescott College:

  • Extra time for tests and assignments
  • Text book readers
  • Note takers
  • Study skill and strategies training
  • Time management strategies
  • Registration and degree planning assistance
  • Sign language interpreters

ADA Contact Information:

Mari Longpre
Learning Specialist
Phone: 928.350.2259

Writing Center

To learn more about the Writing Center, visit us here.

Career Services

Career Services at Prescott College starts as soon as you begin to get to know your faculty and continues through your academic career, and as an alumni. We strive to provide the information, contacts and resources to our enrolled students and alumni so that each individual can direct their own path. Guidance is available along the way through faculty, alumni, and others on campus.

Contact Career Services at or 928.350.2002

At Prescott College, you will compile an E-Portfolio

A compilation of all your academic work, which allows you to provide future prospective employers with the relevant experience and knowledge base you have obtained through your Prescott College education. You leave Prescott College with a resume of experience, not just a transcript of courses taken.

At Prescott College, instructors really get to know you

One of the greatest assets of a Prescott College education is the development of close working relationships with several faculty members who are well-connected in their fields. This provides direct access to opportunities for jobs and graduate fellowships, as well as the familiarity that allows faculty to write effective letters of reference.

At Prescott College, our alumni want to help you

Part of the Prescott College experience involves multiple layers and opportunities for mentoring. In addition to mentored course studies, many graduates volunteer time to be available to current students as a career mentor.

Current student organizations and clubs reflect the broad range of interests of Prescott College students, from the environment and social justice to the arts, to fire dancing and contra dancing, to Capoeira and ultimate frisbee. 

Student Organizations

Student Organizations are ongoing projects that have grown from various independent studies and senior projects into micro-businesses. Most of these organizations operate with the support of Prescott College under the management of current students and graduates. Each student organization is offered space on campus to meet and work.

Student Clubs

Prescott College encourages students to form clubs and to join clubs as part of their academic and personal journey at the College.

Event Announcements 

Prescott College encourages students to submit event announcements to the College’s online, moderated Calendar of Events. Let the Advancement Office know about senior projects, community service, internships, publications, and scholarships. All postings to campus bulletin boards must be stamped for approval by the Library before posting. 

Clubs and Organizations:

  • Black Student Union
  • Garden Club
  • Helping Understand Bicycles (HUB)
  • Kino Bay Bioacoustics Research and Education Program
  • Mi Familia
  • Music Club
  • Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge
  • PC Cycling (Prescott College Cycling)
  • PC Soccer Club
  • Peer Education & Resource Center (P.E.R.C.)
  • Queer Student Union
  • Student Food Bank
  • Student Leadership Organizations

There are many avenues for student involvement at Prescott College.

Student Union Board (SUB)

All enrolled students are members of the Student Union who then elect members to the Student Union Board (SUB). Weekly SUB meetings are the main forum for students to discuss and debate College issues and policies. College officials regularly attend the weekly meetings. Members of SUB working closely with the Student Events Coordinator.

SUB endorses and supports a variety of activities and student-run organizations, and is responsible for disbursing funds collected from student activity fees. Proposals to receive funding from SUB for events, clubs and senior projects may be submitted and deadlines will be advertised via College e-mail.

Board of Trustees & College Committees

One student per year serves on the Board of Trustees, and students may also serve on various College-wide committees.


Student Leadership and Event Coordinator: (928) 350-1006.